We are proud to have a reputation for high quality building and exquisite finishes

Building, Renovating and Restoring Homes in the Stilbaai Area Since 2002.

Quality Structures and Exquisite Finishes

Stilbaai Builders on the one hand is a construction company building new houses as well as remodelling, extending and restoring existing houses.

On the other hand we specialise in natural finishes such as stone cladding, reed ceilings, thatch roofs and Cemcrete floors.

We are based in Stilbaai, but our work is well known throughout Hessequa and the rest of the Garden Route in the Western Cape Province.

Excellent Project Managers

We do the project management for our clients at no extra cost. Proper project management, we believe, results in projects completed within the agreed time-frame.

Progress Reports and Feedback

You will continuously be informed and updated on the progress of the project.

Professional & Highly Skilled

Our quotations are very explicit and we only demand payment for work already done. We work almost exclusively with our own dedicated team of qualified and experienced builders.

We Bring Your Ideas to Life.

We are in high demand for advice on interior and artistic features. It’s simply amazing what a difference bringing in a professional can make to your house.

New Buildings

Many a beautifully structured and finely finished house in Stilbaai and Jongensfontein stand as proud examples of our professional expertise.

Exquisite Finishes

Our building team have honed their skills over the years to offer you splendid stone cladding, Cemcrete bathrooms and kitchens, reed ceilings and much more.


We can assist you with advise in making the decision of extending, renovating or any alterations to a exciting building.

We have earned a reputation for top quality
structures and exquisite finishes.

We work with a qualified, experienced as well as dedicated full-time building team. Their complete mastering of all building related activities is evident in the exquisite quality of the end product.

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