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Having been in the building industry since 2002, over the years we have been accumulating trust and respect for the high quality as well as reliability of our service. Stilbaai Builders will never abandon you in the middle of a project. It is important to us to help you make your house as aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and homely functional as possible while still staying within your budget.

Our recipe for success in building houses, we believe, lies in the fact that we make use of our own dedicated and full-time building team. We very seldom need to make use of sub-contractors as our team is practically skilled in every aspect of building as well as finishes.

Furthermore, we do the project management for our clients free of charge and also keep in frequent contact with our clients. We are always available via telephone.

What We Do

We excel in country style houses of all sizes with specialised finishes which we are known for throughout the Garden Route.

As your family expands you outgrow your house. Extending your existing home is cheaper than to buy a new house.

Our team is skilled in various natural finishes such as Cemcrete flooring, stone cladding, Liquid Stone counter tops, etc.

We are well conversed in the National Heritage Resources Act regulating the restoration of historic and heritage buildings.

Building, Renovating and Restoring Homes in the Stilbaai Area Since 2002.

New Buildings

We excel in building houses of any shape, size and style.

“Good buildings come from good people and all problems are solved by good design”

– Stephen Gardiner

Stilbaai Builders takes care of every building related aspect of erecting a new building. We build any house, no matter the shape, size or style, how many storeys, level ground or on a slope.

  • We start from digging the foundations, followed by our masons erecting the walls. Fitting door and window frames of your choice – wood, aluminium, steel and later on glazing of doors and windows, hanging of doors.
  • We install electrical wiring, of course adhering to prescribed codes and take care of all electrical installations such as the geyser (also solar geysers) and underfloor heating.
  • Furthermore we install the plumbing system adhering to prescribed codes and also install all bathroom fixtures such as the bath, shower, toilet and wash basin. Also the kitchen sink and all interior as well as exterior taps.
  • We take care of the flooring according to client specifications – various types of tiles, carpets, or our speciality, namely Cemcrete flooring and SatinCrete skimming in showers.
  • Ceilings as specified by our clients – The new off shutter concrete is now all the rage.
  • Built-in cupboards in bedrooms and kitchen – with a very experienced and qualified team.
  • Our painters take care of all painting – interior as well as exterior.
  • We do all interior as well as exterior lighting and also the hanging of lights where necessary.
  • Balustrades, interior staircases and handrails we do according to your specifications, using your choice of material such as aluminium and glass, stainless steel, wood.
  • Roofing – flat roofs, sloped roofs, thatch (our speciality), roof sheeting, tiles like clay or concrete in various styles.
  • Gutters and down-spouts – aluminium, vinyl, galvanized steel, etc. in different styles of rain gutters such as K-style gutters, seamless gutters, half-round gutters, fascia gutters according to your specifications.
  • We install the garage doors of your choice – sectional, side hinged, tilt-up, etc. In various styles such as carriage style, classic, contemporary, traditional and from various materials such as wood, steel, aluminium.
  • Built-in braai, lapa and fire pit with stone cladding.
  • Exterior building related jobs – paving, garden walls, fencing, gates, installation of water tanks.


Contact us for advise and a experienced professional input.

“My husband kept saying, ‘How can you buy a rug for a room we haven’t broken ground on?’

I said, ‘Because I can see it’”

– Leslie Bacon

As time passes, you might need more space for various reasons. Your family has outgrown your existing house, or the current global economic crisis might force your elderly parents to live with you. It might become necessary for you to use your skills, whatever they are, to earn money from home. Or you want to use the space for renting purposes.

Whatever your reasons, it is a known fact that it is cheaper to extend the home you already have. To spend money only on those areas where more space is required, than to buy a larger house.

Possible extension projects we undertake:

  • Enlarging your house by adding more rooms, including bathrooms finished with SatinCrete skimmed showers and Liquid Stone vanities (or something else of your choice)
  • Adding a loft room with bathroom and kitchenette complete with electrical wiring, plumbing and all other finishes of your choice.
  • What about building a small apartment on the roof of the double garage. We do everything including finishes. No need for any other contractors.
  • Adding a loft room with bathroom and kitchenette complete with electrical wiring, plumbing and all other finishes of your choice.
  • Building a granny flat for the elderly parents, all building related jobs from foundation to roofing, such as painting tiling, lighting and built-in cupboards included.
  • Or you might want us to extend the existing garage to accommodate more vehicles or for space for your hobby and tools. Or build a new garage with a storeroom and outside toilet.
  • Building a lapa with thatch roof, built-in braai with stonework decoration, a pizza oven and paved or tiled floor, including lighting.
  • A fire pit with cement seating around the pit all decorated with sandstone cladding where family and friends can spend delightful evenings around the fire.
  • Extending the house on the rear or side, or wraparound by enclosed porches, or enclose and existing patio or veranda and turn it into a room.
  • Erecting a lean-to, carport or a pergola with a Blue-gum rod roof.


Historical houses, restoration, and the law – we know all about it!

“So much of our future lies in preserving our past”

– Peter Westbrook

National Heritage Resources Act

You might not be aware that the National Heritage Resources Act (Sahra) prohibits any alteration to or demolishment of structures or parts thereof older than 60 years without a permit from the relevant Provincial Heritage Resources Authority.

Many houses and other buildings in the Stilbaai-Jongensfontein area are historical buildings according to this Act and may not be altered or restored in any way without such permit. The way in which such alteration or restoration should be performed, is also prescribed by the same law.

Stilbaai Western Beach-front Houses

Many of the houses on the western beach-front in Stilbaai are way older than 60 years. They are from the first houses built in Stilbaai as holiday homes for families from the area as far as Riversdale. Most of these houses date from the early years of the previous century and are still standing today. Many of them has been restored to prevent them from decaying and are adorning the beach-front today where they can be admired by anyone strolling along the beach.

Bay of the Sleeping Beauty

Stilbaai is the nearest bay to Riversdale, the town at the foot of the Sleeping Beauty Peak in the Langeberg Mountain range. This is why Stilbaai is sometimes referred to as the Bay of the Sleeping Beauty.

We Have Restored Our Own Historic House – We Know the Rules!

Stilbaai Builders is well-versed in this law and knows how to stay within the law when restoring a historical house or Cape heritage building. In fact, we own such a house which we can proudly say we have successfully restored. This experience sensitised us for the necessity to protect and preserve our heritage buildings.

We have become known for the successful restoration of historic and Cape heritage houses. If you have a historical house that needs attention or which you want to remodel in any way, contact us. You will not be disappointed with the outcome of your restoration project and you can rest assured that your project is handled within the regulations prescribed by law.

Exquisite Finishes

We add style applying natural finishes requiring exceptional skill

“Some people look for a beautiful place.

Others make a place beautiful”

– Hazrat Inayat Khan

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