Latte, Riete & Wooden Decks

Ons maak dikwels gebruik van Spaansriet wat ons van die omgewing verhaal, sowel as van behandelde CCA-Bloekomlatte vir plafonne of as stutmateriaal vir riet in rietdakke sowel as oor afdakke bo braaivleis-areas.

We often use Spanish cane from our immediate area as well as treated CCA eucalyptus “latte” for ceilings or as a support material for reeds in thatched roofs as well as over canopies above braai areas.

Inspiring workmanship for ceilings and roofs, as well as magnificent decks.

“Be he a king or a peasant, he is happiest who finds peace at home”

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Go ahead and scroll through the gallery!

Go ahead and scroll through the gallery!

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