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Stilbaai Builders is a proudly owned South African company with a dedicated full time building team qualified in all aspects of building operating out of Stilbaai.

This fast developing coastal town is sprawled around both sides of the Goukou River where it runs into the ocean. It falls within the Hessequa Municipal area of the larger Garden Route District Municipality in the Western Cape Province of South Africa.


Founded in 2002

Our company was founded in 2002 by Marlise Beckett and her two sons, Will and Tom, each contributing certain expertise and knowledge to build the company we have today.

Expertise such as leadership qualities, artistic abilities, building construction qualifications, as well as the skill of manufacturing concrete products and the application of water resistant ‘torch on’ products.

Our Heart

We envision a Building Company that is based on values like honesty, respect and integrity.

Our mission is to deliver a high quality and a dependable service in all our work and to keep close contact with our clients.

We believe that good relationships with our clients is of utmost importance, and word of mouth will always be our most reliable market strategy. Therefore we make sure that we clearly and frequently communicate with all parties involved in our projects.

Holiday and Retirement Destination

Stilbaai is a popular holiday as well as retirement destination. Consequently many people choose to build themselves a holiday home in Stilbaai or Jongensfontein which they visit during holidays. Often these houses become their retirement homes as well.

Building a house involves various time consuming processes which means during most of the project the prospective house owner cannot be around. Such a client has to rely upon a trustworthy construction company to handle the project in their absence.

Progress Reports

We understand the importance for clients to be regularly updated on the progress of their project. Via email we keep our clients informed as well as make suggestions where decisions need to be made. We also offer informed advice to try and alleviate as much of their stress as possible.

Our reports are accompanied by photographs of the completed stages to, in doing so, in a way draw the client into the project and create a feel of really being part of the proceedings.

Marlise Beckett Stilbaai Builders

Marlise Beckett

Owner & Project Manager

Marlise is the founder of the company. Her leadership qualities and artistic abilities are invaluable to the success of the company. She believes in clear and frequent communication between all parties involved (clients often live far away) to keep them informed on progress.

Our Diligent Team

Tradesmen Par Excellence

Our recipe for success in building houses, is that we make use of our own dedicated and full-time building team. We seldom make use of sub-contractors, as our team is virtually skilled in every aspect of building and finishes.

Stylish Homes Stilbaai - Building Team

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